About TOFF

The TOFF Games is basically a game-dev group of a few friends on the path of creating their first game ever :-) We all have been working in web-dev business for a longer period. We’ve created several projects together and/or separately (as individuals) in different crews. But that was mostly business, neverthless, now is the time to have some fun.

To answer who the “WE” consists of, I will first give you the names: Teo Ondrej Filip Fusky… Get it? TOFF … Nyaaaaa!! :)  (no, we don’t grow moustaches, nor are we a bunch of hipsters)  However Fusky just became a father (gratz!!!) so he might join the project later, since he doesn’t have much spare time :)

So once again, who are we? Teo is the programmer. He loves metal music and programming. We will be be using his second love, mentioned above, for this particular  project. He used to work as a web-developer at IBM, now he’s  working on a project with a possible future outburst in a smaller company (fingers crossed). Ondrej is a brilliant designer. He mostly focuses on designing fonts, but he does tons of other stuff you might check out at urtd.net … So everything you’ll perceive visually, comes from this gentleman :) Last but not least, the author of this text is me, Filip. I cannot draw, nor can I write any kind of meaningful code, but what I can do and always do around these guys, is coming up with the stuff they nod their heads in a YES gesture  :) So I am the guy with the idea for the first game and I will be the one managing the development of it.

This is us, this is the TOFF, let’s have fun developing our first game! Everyone of you  is invited to the party ;-)