Bratislava Game Jam 2016


A year has passed and TOFF Games visited Bratislava Game Jam, organized by Mlady Pes (thanks guys <3 ) and after last year, we reorganized the team and came up with a new strategy.



This year we decided to dive deeper in Unity, and we put together a team where all members could tinker directly in the editor no matter what they were working on. We borrowed three developers from VECTARY (Roman, Yanchi and Teo), and met with a talented artist Nero. Strategy, where even the designer is working directly in Unity, programming GUI and animations, worked out nicely, and we submitted a richer game than last year with a different setup. We didn’t win, but we had a great amount of fun and it was, of course, also a great learning experience. (and we were on the short-list for the winner, a little bird told me :) ) Behold, the ROLLIN CUBES :)

Cubo is a cube. He’s kinda lost in life, and he got really lazy and fat lately. He can barely move without sweating. One day he decides it’s time for a change. But then things spin out of control.

Cubo moves by rolling and jumping. Game reflects it’s moving habits, Cubo learns by trial and error how to find balance between being fat and being fit, live long and prosper.

Finding balance in healthy life is the core statement of our game and reflects this game jam’s topic – Transition.

If you’d like to play the jam submission, here are the links to download:

Team credits:

  • Roman Danielis: Math, Physics, The Matrix Architect a.k.a Level Design
  • Yanchi Toth: Programming, Scripting, 3D modelling (making burgers)
  • Ondrej Nero Sova: Art, Graphic Design, GUI programming
  • Matej Teo Zilak: Game Design, Sound programming, Voice Over :D
  • GrandBeats: Bestest Music Ever

See you next year!

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