TOFF Games at Bratislava Game Jam

Bratislava Game Jam

TOFF Games took part in a game jam last weekend!

Bratislava Game Jam was an event organized by Mlady Pes NGO happening from 11th to 13th December. It was a two-day hackathon with the goal to create games, accompanied by lightning talks about game development. During the whole event, guys from GrandBeats were giving a helping hand with creating music and sound effects for teams. (and they had a brilliant talk about importance of sound&music in game development, btw!). The topic of the jam was announced Friday morning, and the main theme “Educational games” was specified with sub-theme “Languages”.

Two days. Me as a game designer and programmer (and representing the “T” from TOFF), and a great team of talented people I was able to put together; Katka as ideamaker and copywriter, Adam as game designer and artist, Miska as artist.

 TOFF Games Presenting Jam

48 hours – 4 people- as a result here is our game – Stack That Word! Playable prototype provides an opportunity to try to make a mound of things which are necessary for your unforgettable weekend on a festival. Why play it right now? Because you can be prepared for the next summer and make your essential vocabulary necessary for the best summer of 2016 right now.
If you want to know, what could you find in a good party, or what should you pack for a roadtrip to Russia or are you hipster enough, our game will give you an answer, but you will have to wait until we finish the full version :) For now you can build a tower made of pictures of festival goodies – correct answers for our first question. In case, that you can’t see the picture, don’t worry, you can try to make a tower for your perfect festival again.

How does it work?
Clicking on a button with a correct answer for what you need on a festival will change to a perfect picture (picture is more memorable), from answer to answer your tower will be higher and higher and what now? You learned new words. Congratulations!

Wrong choice will disrupt your tower, but you can try to build your tower again.


Download the playable Android prototype right now and get hyped for the full version :)


We all had a great fun at the jam and would like to thank the guys from Mlady Pes for organizing such a wonderful event. Thanks also to everyone who participated, it was a great time and we are looking forward for to seeing you all again! And now excuse us, we have to finish our game :)

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